Important Information

Site Safety

The safety of all our guests is of paramount importance to us. Upon arrival you will be shown to your lodge and given important information about your stay. We would ask that you be mindful of children particularly around the lakes and hot tubs. Dogs must be kept on a lead when outside of your lodge.


The site is located within an area of woodland and lakes. There is an array of wildlife for you to see all year round. Please be careful around the lakes – do not enter them and we would ask that you exercise caution when going near as the ground may be soft around the perimeter. Also the lakes themselves are up to 1.6m in depth. No fishing is permitted.

Hot Tubs

We really want you to be able to make the most of the time that you spend in the hot tub.

It is really important to follow all of the guidelines below:

  • Please always shower before entering the hot tub to remove oils, lotions and any tanning products, creams, and gels. These products pollute the water and clog the filters. If this occurs it would be necessary to empty and clean the hot tub, replenish the water then bring the hot tub to the correct temperature. This would be inconvenient to you as the process can take several hours. Please note there will be a charge of £50 if this is necessary.
  • When the decking is wet it can be very slippery and we would recommend flip flops or similar particularly when travelling from the hot tub to the lodge.
  • Please only use plastic glasses in the hot tub and refrain from taking food in.
  • There are chlorine tablets in the blue float in the hot tub, please ensure this is in the hot tub when you are not using it. The hot tub will be checked on a daily basis.
  • We do not recommend wearing jewellery in the hot tubs. Please rinse all swimwear after being in the hot tub.
  • Please be careful when opening and closing the hot tub cover. Please do not sit, stand or lay on these or use them in any other way than for covering the hot tub. When lifting the cover, unlock all relevant catches on the sides first. It will take two adults to open/close the cover safely and to store it at the side . Please ensure the hot tub is covered when not in use to minimise heat loss. The jets and lights are there for you to operate but please do not touch the temperature button. If you need the temperature adjusting or you have any problems please contact us to do this.
  • Never leave children unattended in the hot tub at any time and consider the amount of time your children are in at the set temperature of 40°c. Children must be supervised at the lodges at all times. Children under 12 should not be in the hot tub for any longer than 30 minutes at any one time. The hot tub is not recommended for children under 4 years of age or if you are pregnant.
  • If you have any medical issues please consult a doctor before using the hot tub. Please do not use the hot tub whilst under the influence of alcohol or if you are taking medication. Exit the hot tub immediately if you feel dizzy or unwell.
  • To reduce the risk of any electrical faults please do not use any electrical appliances within 5 feet of the hot tub. In case of any fault, switch the hot tub off at the isolator which is located next to the patio door.

We cannot accept responsibility for injury, loss or damage to persons, property or vehicles whilst at Oakwood Lodges. Please contact us if you have any questions at all.

Please enjoy your time with us.

“Very quiet and secluded. Perfect for relaxing break, lying in jacuzzi looking up at the stars. The Lodge was very nice, clean and well furnished. Would definitely go back.”


“Everything about this little break away was fantastic. The settings, the surroundings and the lodge was fantastic. Everything we wanted plus some.